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You should talk to people whom you trust and whom you are closest to, tell them your problem and seek their help.

You should not be in a hurry for anything and should be patient.

Do the work that interests you.

Never allow yourself to be so free that you have time to think about bad things. Keep yourself busy. Participate in religious activities, participate in socio-cultural programs.

Exercise regularly and eat healthy food. If you eat healthy and balanced food, then it keeps your mind happy and by doing regular exercise you become healthy and positive energy comes in the body.
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you just feel happy , keep smile on face with actual emotion and talk to other tell him your problem express your problems
11 days ago   1
Ashitosh Ambilwade exactly. That's what missing in real life

We smile a lot on reel but in real life forget to even share a simple smile

So let's have a 😊😊😊
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