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One of my favourite tasks is forum posting. Forum is one of the platforms that have a huge engagement of genuine users of that particular niche. Though it's strict, if you're searching for an accurate solution for your query then forum posting is the best alternative.

Generally, forum posting is asking for a solution or giving your opinion on a particular topic. If you are targeting any niche forum then you'll come across various rules and regulations for signing up. On other hand, you'll also get a general forum where you can ask questions or give your answer on any niche segment.

However, forum posting requires very sharp skills to keep your account on any forum for long period of time.
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Ekta Tripathi - Sayyad that's a good one. Upvoted and shared across...
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This is a process in which good inbound links are created by participating in online discussion forums. By participating in this process, you can increase the traffic of your website by posting new posts and removing old posts.

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