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Composition – Here there is an e-mail of the sender, but there is no need to write an e-mail, the address comes automatically and the address of the receiver who has to send the mail has to be written.

Transfer – Its purpose is to transfer e-mails from one place to another, for this an intermediary is required between the sender and the receiver, that is, a connection has to be taken with the e-mail service provider, through this e-mail system. It happens automatically, for this the user does not need to do anything.

Reporting – Reporting means to inform the e-mail sender that the e-mail has been received.

Displaying - Displaying means that the e-mail receiver can display the e-mail on the monitor before viewing or after viewing this mail, the receiver can delete it and if it wants can also save it.

Inbox – Inbox keeps all your incoming mail and gives mailbox to the e-mail account user for this.

Outbox- Outbox contains all the mails that have been sent or forwarded by you, it is also in the mailbox.

Reply- When you have an e-mail from someone and if you want to reply, then you can easily reply by clicking on Reply, in this you do not have to type the e-mail of the sender.

Forwarding - If someone has sent an e-mail to you and you want to send that mail to any third person, then you have to click on Mail Forwarding and type the e-mail id to which you want to send
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