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HTML Code editor is a software tool. Used for web page or web development. That is, HTML editor tool is used to create a web page or website and modify the code. All the web documents are written to the code before some text editor. In which HTML elements tags (such as header, body, paragraph, table, etc.) can be used.

Few advantages of using HTML Code editor

  • Code can be written very quickly in HTML editor.
  • It makes it easier to organize the code.
  • HTML tags automatically detect an error and the error is known when there is a mistake.
  • Auto complete function increases coding speed.
  • With the WYSIWYG editor, you can easily do the work without writing code.
  • HTML can be learned easily by using the editor.
  • Multiple files can be managed simultaneously.
  • Programs can be made in different types of programming languages.
  • Some editors also have FTP facility so that you can upload files directly to your website.
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