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Adnow, if I remember I joined 2 years before. As I was not able to get AdSense so I applied Adnow, and it was easier to get approval. Adnow has a lot of ads and nice alternatives for AdSense, but most of the ads are not suitable for every network.

If you have a tech site, you may get less relevant ads, but if you have movies/general blogs, you may have relevant ads. There are actually more sensitive ads, which are not suitable for everyone. There are also local ads, suitable for local public (Hindi audience)

Setting up ads is easy, as they provide WordPress integration and different types of embed code with customizable widgets like 2& 2 or 4*2 etc.

The best alternative for new bloggers, and such bloggers who are not worried about showing sensitive category ads. Earning is a little less than AdSense, but if you have nice traffic you may earn.

Also, they do not have any blocking rules like Adsense do with bloggers.

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yes right. Adnow may not pay as much as adsense but at least you can make money with this alternative ad network. But some ads contain sensitive category maybe just make it click bait.
9 days ago   1
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