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1: What is needed to create a coupon website on WordPress?

You will need the following two things to build a coupon website on WordPress.

• Domain name – This is the name of your website, users will type your domain name in browsers to visit your site

2: Web Hosting – All websites on the Internet need to be hosted for which a hosting is required. All your files are stored here.
After that you have to install WordPress.

Then a Coupon theme (Affiliate Marketing Theme) and Coupon Code Plugin have to be installed.

2: How to Create a Coupon Site on WordPress?

First you need to install and activate the WordPress Coupon Plugin plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can create three types of coupons.

• Coupon
• Deal
• Image

The plugin allows you to add coupons and deals to your posts, pages using shortcodes. Plus you can also show coupons and deals in your sidebar or other widget areas using the widget.

After activating the plugin, click on Coupons >> Add New Coupon. Now you have to enter title, description, coupon code, affiliate URL, expiration date for your coupon.

After adding a coupon, you need to enter a shortcode in your post to show the coupon. You can find the shortcode from the Coupon List page. You can copy and paste from there on the post editor.

But the easiest way is when you are in the post editor, you can see an 'Add Coupon' button next to the Add Media button.

Click on it, a pop up window will open. A list of all your added coupons will appear. Select the coupon code you want to add to your post or page. Then click on 'Insert Coupon Shortcode' button.

Now save your post and now you can see your shortcode in your post. When you visit your site and open the post, you will see your added coupon or deal.
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