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Step: #1

Log in with your Google account by going to Use your Gmail ID and Password to log in. And use the same account from which you did Sing in on Blogger.

Step: #2

After logging in to Blogger, the Blogger Dashboard will open in front of you. From here you can select your blog from Blog List with the help of Down Arrow . Meaning the blogger blog you want to update. If you have more than one blog. If you have only one blog then you can skip this step.

Step: #3

Now Blog Specific Dashboard will open in front of you, from here you click on Pages Menu from Blogger Menu present on the left.

Step: #4

By doing this, a list of all types of pages of the selected blog will open in front of you. Now the page you want to edit. Click on the title of that page i.e. the page name.

Note: Here all types of pages (Published, Page Draft) will open in front of you. If you want to edit only one type of page, then to do this you can first change the category from the Pages menu.

Step: #4

By doing this the selected page will open in front of you in the Page Editor. What changes do you want to make here? Update it and after updating, update the page by clicking on the Update button at the top.

Congratulations! You have successfully edited the page. You can update them by editing other pages in the same way.
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