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To make your hair grow faster, you have to change your habits. Because if you do not keep a healthy routine, then your hair will suffer. The easiest way to make hair grow long and thick is to take a good diet in your diet.

If you consume more oily spice things in your food and drink or eat more junk food, then it stops the length of hair. So include green vegetables, fruits, juices, sprouted grains, dry fruits in your diet.

Drink plenty of water, do not let the lack of water in the body.

If you want to grow hair quickly, then massage the hair with oil thrice a week.

Trimming the hair every 2 months, it ends the two-faced hair.

Take special care of cleaning the hair. Shampoo twice a week.

Do not allow dirt to accumulate in the hair.

Do not take stress at all and get enough sleep.

Yogasana helps in making the hair long and makes the hair strong.
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