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STEP – 1

Go to your WordPress dashboard and search Crayon Syntax Highlighter by clicking on Plugins >> Add New. Install and activate Crayon Syntax Highlighter plugin.

STEP – 2

After installing and activating the Crayon Syntax Highlighter plugin, you have to go to your post where you want to put the code box, or you can also use the code box by creating a new post.

1. Select the text or code you want to enter in the code box in your blog post.

2. After selecting the text, click on the Code Icon. To see what the Code Icon looks like, you see the image above.

STEP – 3

As soon as you click on the Code Icon, a box will open where only you have to click on Add.

STEP – 4

Click on post publish and check your blog post. The text of the blog post you selected will appear inside the code box.
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