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First of all you have to go to, here you will see the option to enter username, you have to enter your username there, after that you have to click on next, now you will have the option to enter password, you There you have to enter your password, after that you have to click on Next, now your email id will open.

1. After opening the email id, you will get a compose option on the top left side, you have to click on it, as soon as you click, the page for writing an email will open in front of you.

2. On opening the page, you will see To and Subject. You have to type the email id of the person to whom you want to send the email in To, after that you have to enter the title of the subject to which you want to send the email, so that it can be known which subject the mail is related to.

3. Now there will be a blank space under the Subject in front of you, you will have to write your email there. After writing the email, if you want to send a file with it, then for this you have to go to the option of attach below, you have to click on it

4. On clicking, a new window will open in front of you, there you have to select your file, after selecting you will have to click on the button open in the window, in this way that file will be attached to your email.

5. Now you have to click on send, in this way your email will reach the address you set in few seconds.
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