July 07th, 2024

How to use Reddit for SEO ?

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Balvinder Singh
3 years ago Selected
Reddit is a very active community which people don't know about. Reddit has a large base of users talking about various interests. It helps
1. To get a backlink which is nofollow but from high DA of 90+ which is good.
2. Free traffic as people use it widely
3. Subreddits to promote and link building
4. Content research as it shows popular and trending topics people are talking about. You can share your links (not spam links but share wisely) there to get traffic.

So, Reddit is a very powerful site for building backlinks + traffic.
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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
1: Choose a Relevant Subreddit According to You

Subreddit is very important in Reddit. Because it is very specific and topic wise and in this you can target completely niched customer. In this way you can also get targeted traffic in it.

So first you should think in which category your blog falls and accordingly you should choose the right subreddit for you. Just like if you have a website in your technology niche then you should choose technology subreddits for it. By the way, for this you can use the search bar in the right corner of the reddit site and find any topic.

2: Note the Audience Discussion

Understand the interest of the viewers, what they like to see, what they are reading, and prepare your content accordingly. With this you will get organic traffic and together you can answer those questions in a better way.

If you want, you can read the individual subreddits and note the ongoing discussion in them, this can help you find the right pattern for your content and post on it.

You just have to reach quality content to the people as per the need, in this you have to connect that content with your brand.

3: Do not abuse the site

Gradually, when you will see traffic coming to your blog, do not misuse this thing. Because it often happens that if something is being provided to us for free, then we start using it in a wrong way. It's not good at all.

Note that moderators take note of all your activities, and they can even ban you when they think you are using this platform only for your own benefit.

So follow the rules made by them as much as possible and also publish the best content for the audience.
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Jatin Chhabra
1 year ago
Yeah Reddit is an amazing comunity to bring traffic but I don't see an connection of it with SEO, as all links are no follow. Else I would like to focus on guest post on an idea that can rank for the main ky, and hence I get a follow backlink and also traffic from a relevant website.
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11 months ago
you can post your articles or links on reddit
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