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Blogging is a useful tool that helps people express their thoughts and share their stories. Many people use blogs as a platform to reach their audience and to publicize their knowledge.

What should bloggers do before they start blogging?

1) Start with a title: Bloggers need to make sure that the title of the blog is catchy and captures the attention of the audience. The first sentence of this should be about what you want your blog to be about.

2) Develop your voice: Bloggers need to develop their own style and personality through which they tell their stories. They should also use different moods such as jokes or sarcasm for different types of content

3) Choose an appropriate platform: Bloggers require a platform that suits them best so they can reach target audience.
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To start blogging you need to have a blog. And to create a blog you will need the following two things:

Domain name – This is the name of your blog, visitors will type the name of your domain in their browsers to come to your blog

Web Hosting – All blogs and websites on the Internet need to be hosted for which a hosting is needed. Here all your files are stored.
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