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This is a very broad topic, however, as per my own experience, Instagram, Facebook ads are a great way to reach more people than you would reach normally.
For Instagram, create a post and click on the promote button after which you have several options about who to reach, location, duration, etc.
You can also choose what action you want those who view your ad to take, such as click on the link to your website, drive people to your Instagram profile, etc.
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1: Use Short Video Use Short Video

In today's time, video content on social media is very much liked by the users. That's why you get to see more videos on social media. There are many such short video applications on Google Playstore. Which you can use to make short videos. One of these is Instagram Instagram, Snake Video Snack Video Tiktok TikTok, Share Chat Share Chat etc.

On these platforms, any user can publish short videos with good pictures and subtitles. Apart from this, you can easily reach any of your messages to other users through the medium of video. So if you have good followers on this platform. So you can reach your product information to them. If people like your product, then they can contact you.

2: Perform live sessions for customers' questions.

If you want to sell your product as much as possible, then first of all always keep in mind, a customer will buy your product only when he has confidence in your product or he is satisfied, so it will be better that customers have trust in your product. To get live size, when you give their questions, explain them about your product in a way, tell them how they can get the benefit of this product.

You can use Facebook or Instagram to connect with customers live. The more you answer people's questions, the more people will trust your product, the more people will trust your product and you will be able to reduce profits.

3: Create Facebook group and page.

You will get to see groups and pages of big brand company organizations on Facebook. On which they keep updating their product or service information daily. In this group, they update every aspect related to their product or service. So that they can add more and more users to their group.

In such a situation, you also create groups and pages on Facebook in the name of your product's brand and keep publishing information related to your product on that page daily. In such a situation, if a customer likes your product, then they can directly join you through the same group.

4: Use Email Marketing

Email or social media has taken the place of post today. But if we want to send some personal information to someone. Which is in any one format, so most users use email in such a situation, not only this, professional people use email a lot, so they have a habit of checking email first thing in the morning.

In such a situation, you can use your product for marketing by creating a good email campaign, but for this you need to optimize, channelize and target the email properly.

You can use MailChimp Mail Chip Tool for email marketing. Through which you can reach your information to thousands of users at a time.

5: Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics Google Analytics is considered to be the best tool for online marketing. Because any user can easily find out with the help of this tool. Which platform is getting the most traffic to your sites from?

Which product users have liked the most on your websites, how much time users are spending on your website. Therefore, to do online marketing, you must check your Google Analytics once a day every day.

6: Use Twitter

Always remember one thing that to do online marketing, use all the platforms of social media, one of these is Twitter, forgetting which can be harmful for you. Today's Twitter has millions of users.

In this way, you can target individual users to market your product or service. And you can give them information about your product or service. If they like your product or service, then they can fall into the category of your customer.

7: Write a blog about your business.

So far we have told you all the methods of marketing. You do not have complete control over them. But when it comes to blog, you can write and post anything you want about your product.

Therefore, using a blog as a marketing tool is a better option for you. Through blog you can describe your product in detail. You can use tools like Blogger Blogger and WordPress WordPress to write a blog.
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