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Whenever all bloggers write a new post, they link some of their blog posts in that post which are related to that post and makes your post more understandable and this process is called internal link (interlinking). .

Linking your other posts to your posts i.e. interlinking is considered good for SEO and also keeps the bounce rate of your blog low but if pingbacks is enabled on your WordPress then WordPress automatically sends a notification to you on interlinking of posts. .

This internal link notification as a comment appears in the comment section of your WordPress dashboard which we call Self Pingbacks. If you approve this self pingbacks (comment), then you will show the link of your new post in the comments of that post to which you have linked.

Every blogger does link to other posts in their new posts, but the comment notifications of self pingbacks of those internal links bother busy bloggers a lot because it wastes a lot of time to moderate (delete) all these unnecessary comments, so self Pingbacks should be disabled.
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