July 07th, 2024

What is the reason of mobile heating

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected

The biggest reason for mobile phone heat is the Internet, if you are using a network for the Internet, which drains the battery more and the Internet runs very slowly, then in such a situation your phone will heat up, so you should A good network should be used.

2.Background Apps

In today's smart phone, you can do multitasking, due to which it is possible to do many tasks simultaneously, the apps used in mobile. It keeps running in the background, due to which the battery of the phone is exhausted. Due to the excessive use of the battery, the temperature of the phone keeps increasing and your phone starts heating up, so less apps should be used.

3.Mobile Brightness

Most of the users keep the brightness of the mobile full, due to which the mobile battery is spent more and the phone heats up, so the brightness should be increased as per the requirement.

4.Playing Mobile Games

If you play more games in your mobile phone, apart from the RAM, graphics card and processor of the mobile, many things have to work together at high speed, due to which the mobile phone starts heating up.
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