Court records reveal new details of alleged malicious acts in Lemelle’s crime victim case

Written by Mike Smith  »  Updated on: July 08th, 2024

Court records reveal new details of alleged malicious acts in Lemelle’s crime victim case

LOS ANGELES, California — A prominent Hollywood publicist allegedly attempted to ruin a individual’s reputation, accusing the person of “consistent exhibited emotional abuse, fraud, and deceit,” “exhibiting erratic behavior,” “unstable and delusional disorder” being “angry” and one who “exhibited narcissistic behavior alarming and scary,” — which were all dismissed by a California court, according to a report.

Los Angeles-based business owner Dr. Marie Y. Lemelle, 65, allegedly went on the attack of a “formal client” also saying the person had “lied and blamed outcomes on me that was quite annoying and with no merit.”

Lemelle also stated of the former client, a credible person according to verified sources, that the person “has a distorted sense of reality,” according to court filings.

Lemelle, a public relations guru, stated to the court that they had made threats that they “would defame my character and company.”

The entertainment executive requested of the court to silence the crime victim. Lemelle asked the court to make the following orders: “The person should not discuss these proceedings, any and all personal information or attempt to defame my company or me.”

According to business filings from the California Secretary of State, Marie Yvonne Lemelle is the individual agent for an out-of-state corporation filed in Colorado with an initial filing date of 2020. The principal address for the business and the agent's individual address both match an address in Glendale Lemelle provided to the court when she filed her suit.

Most concerning, Lemelle seemingly admitted a motive for her alleged attack on the former client in stating the person “has caused embarrassment at my residential community where I have resided for 16 years.”

Lemelle accused the former client of causing a disturbance at her home-based business when she alleged the person “demanded to be allowed access” to her.

Although it was proven that the former client was in Lemelle’s condo tower’s lobby, surveillance video from the encounter revealed in court that there was no altercation as Lemelle’s housing agent alleged.

“There is no evidence that the former client engaged in any wrongdoing,” advocates said.

Moreover, Lemelle did not provide enough support for her claims and the court did not find that the claims could be backed up with facts.

Sources say Lemelle made the unsubstantiated claims about the former client during a legal battle to intimidate and dominate the person.

The claims brought forward by Lemelle were “unwarranted,” according to a decision by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge.

“The Court finds the party requesting the order of protection did not sustain the applicable burden of proof and accordingly the request is denied,” court records state.

“The critical ruling was significant because it was deemed frivolous after the judge heard testimony from both sides,” advocates said.

Lemelle was self-represented, according to court documents. Pasadena attorney Jon-Rene Moore Glover is listed in court records as counsel for the crime victim.

Court documents show the crime victim paid $1,500.00 for legal fees. “Respondent’s request for attorney fees is denied as an oral motion, respondent to file a noticed motion,” court records show.

Neither woman could be reached for comment.

Jone-Rene Moore Glover did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Social activists say that even though the crime victim was ultimately vindicated, the damage has already been done.

Lemelle, a social change activist, whose conduct has been highly scrutinized in the case, did know the former client was a domestic violence victim.

According to The Social Good Movement Tour website, Lemelle co-founded an initiative in 2023 to “empower the next generation.” The site, which lists Lemelle as the global media director, says “We're building a community that's passionate about making a positive impact, one that inspires hope, resilience, and determination.”

“Marie Lemelle sought a lawsuit of lies to try and gain power, and it didn’t work,” an entertainment insider said in an exclusive statement Saturday. “I am happy a judge resoundingly dismissed Marie’s lawsuit, but it was also really important that there be some accountability for her actions because free speech does not allow you to propagate lies … We’re thankful the judge is holding her accountable.”

In her court filings, the California business owner submitted a photograph of the victim’s child to the court.

In addition, the former City of Glendale Commissioner for the Commission on the Status of Women provided an assortment of photographs of the crime victim for the court to see the person’s “physical appearance,” court records show.

“This victim has been through a lot. This whole situation has had a huge impact on her life,” advocates said.

“Ms. Lemelle needs to answer for what her actions have done.”

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