Enhance Productivity With Reach Trucks From SFS Equipments

Written by SFS Equipments  »  Updated on: July 10th, 2024

Enhance Productivity With Reach Trucks From SFS Equipments


Indian company SFS Equipments will make your heart swell with pride over our high-quality used reach trucks that would be suitable for all your applications in logistic companies' warehousing and distribution centres. We have reach trucks for sale that are ideal for horizontal transportation and stacking due to their exceptional driveability and high acceleration. These second-hand reach trucks have been pretty versatile by performing excellently in chilled, cold store, and hot environments.

Key Features of Our Reach Trucks

1. Versatility:

Used Reach Trucks Secondhand are utilised during block stacking, drive-in racking, long handling, and conventional pallet handling. These types of used reach trucks are specially designed for smooth operations in wake-up, work, and under different temperature conditions to carry out all your operations effortlessly.

2. Programmable and Safe:

Performance can be pre-programmed of our reach trucks according to your individual needs in your operation. These used reach trucks introduce unparalleled safety features that guarantee efficient and better handling of your loads. With superior driver ergonomics, this is where safety and productivity go hand in hand for your warehouse.

3. Competitive Pricing:

Our used reach truck MHE forklift is very competitively priced; hence, it's going to offer any business an excellent investment opportunity towards the optimisation of their material handling without necessarily having to break the bank.

4. Variation in Capacity and Height:

- Capacity in tonnes: 1.5 to 2.5; - Height in metres: 6.0 to 11.5, with options available up to 14 metres on demand.

End-to-End Solution from SFS Equipments

At SFS Equipments, we support an impressive fleet of used Reach Truck MHE for Sale that can perform even in the most hostile of environments. Our broad resources include fully equipped workshops and well-stocked parts facilities. This is supported by a well-trained, well-equipped service team to offer excellent service support for reach trucks. Our Used Warehouse Reach Trucks offer powerful performance during logistic operations coupled with a customer-oriented sales team for professional consultation and advice on all your needs concerning material handling equipment.

Types of Reach Trucks Available

1. Stand-On, Seat-On, and Double-Deep Versions:

They are available in stand-on, seat-on, and double-deep configurations. Reach trucks for warehouses exist in many types.

2. BR, BRJ, and BRP Series:

BR Series: For indoor and outdoor uses on most floor types. It is suitable on polished concrete warehouse flooring and even areas covered with asphalt for truck goods loading and offloading.

BRP Series: These reach truck forklifts are provided with long telescopic forks that can slide a full pallet into deep racking systems to make them perfect for shelving units with double-deep space.

Reach trucks vs. stackers

While both machines—reach stackers and reach trucks—are used for stacking and retrieval at various levels in the warehouse, there is an important difference:

Reach Trucks: The entire mast moves forward and backward with the load. This thus means the vehicle has to move during the placing and retrieval of goods. Such vehicles are specially designed for heavy loads at great heights in narrow aisles, up to as low as 2200–3000 mm.

Stackers: Generally used for operations of a lower height and may not have similar capabilities and flexibility compared with reach trucks.

Efficient Electric Reach Trucks

Our electric reach trucks confer a number of benefits, which include reduced operational costs and an increased level of environmental sustainability. Furthermore, these trucks have electric motors and are thus very suitable for operations indoors, where one may be interested in reducing emissions.

Advantages of Reach Truck Rentals/Hire

1. Cost-effective solutions:

Businesses could take up the reach of truck rental in order to make it feasible to allow capability for short-term projects or seasonal peaks where it is not feasible to invest in them.

2. Flexibility:

The flexibility to rent/hire reach trucks allows one the scalability of one's fleet in response to operational requirements without incurring long-term commitments to buy.

3. Latest Models:

Many rentals are available complete with access to the newest models and technologies, making certain that your operations may run through the most productive and powerful equipment on the market.

Case Study: Reach Trucks for Better Warehouse Operations


A medium-sized distribution centre in Bangalore was concerned about difficult inventory management due to the increase in the amount of inventory. The company needs a reliable solution to assist its stacking and retrieval processes.


It then turned to SFS Equipments for a reach truck rental solution. With assessment of requirements in place, SFS Equipments supplied an electric reach truck with a 2.0-tonne capacity and a reach height of up to 11 ters.


Introduce the reach truck into the company's warehousing operations. The operators were also given comprehensive training regarding the operation of the equipments from SFS Equipments.

1. Increased efficiency: 

The electric reach truck greatly improved the speed at which the stacking and retrieval operations were performed, hence enhancing efficiency.

2. Cost-effectiveness:

The company saved money that would have been used in purchasing new fleets.

3. Safety Improvement:

The reach truck had improved safety features, which reduced the risk of accidents and hence made the working environment safer for the operators.

Why Choose SFS Equipments?

1. Variety of Reach Trucks:

We sell and rent a variety of reach trucks to ensure that we have the ideal machine for whatever your exact needs are.

2. Quality Assured:

Our second-hand reach trucks are subject to stringent quality checks and overhauls. This gives you the maximum guarantee for the highest level of performance and safety during operation.

3. Professional Support:

Our well-informed sales team always gives professional advice and assistance regarding the choice of the right equipment for your operations.

4. Competitive Pricing:

We sell our high-quality reach trucks at very competitive prices, which give value for money in an investment.

5. After-Sales Service:

Our well-trained service engineers ensure that your reach trucks will always be in perfect working order to ensure top performance with the least downtime.


SFS Equipments Reach Trucks are just the right solution to let you optimise your operations in the best possible manner within the warehouse. In this regard, with several models or configurations, we are competent to offer you the correct device that would meet your specific needs. Whether purchase or rent, competitively priced with expert support and comprehensive after-sales service make us one ideal partner for material handling equipment.

Please be at liberty to contact us for more information on our reach trucks and how we can help you in your operations. Be assured of our commitment—we will work to make you more efficient and productive in your warehouse through our reliable, cost-friendly reach trucks.

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