Gear Up for the Dirt With a Complete Motocross Plastics Kit

Written by Pro Power MX  »  Updated on: July 08th, 2024

Gear Up for the Dirt With a Complete Motocross Plastics Kit

Upgrading to a new Motocross Plastics Kit is one of the easiest ways to give your bike a fresh look and improve its performance.

· Aesthetic Upgrade: By making use of new plastics the old look of your bicycle can be erased by them.

· Durability: If you subject high-quality plastics to crashes and debris those will to damage it is more resistant.

· Customization: You can select from a wide range of colors and varieties in keeping with your individual taste.

What's Included in a Plastics Kit:

· Front and Rear Fenders: Save your bike and yourself from surrounding mud and dirt. Radiator Shrouds: Enhances better airflow to cool down your engine.

· Side Panels and Number Plates: Varieties of screen places to write your racing numeral.

· Fork Guards: Shields your forks’ tubes against waste and spoilage.

Our plastics kits at Pro Power MX are structured in a way that makes them able to fit into your bike’s current framework comfortably, thus making these kits very easy to install.

Boost Your Bike’s Performance with a Pro Circuit Exhaust

You understand exhaust systems are essential for the performance of your bike if you are committed to motocross. For riders who want more power and efficient bikes, the Pro Circuit Exhaust pipe is an innovation.


· Boosted Horsepower: For an amplified engine performance of your bike.

· Improved Torque: Gives you increased speed and extra power.

· Weighing Less: Helps reduce the weight of your whole bike through the use of lighter materials.

· Better Sound: It gives out a more powerful sound that every lover of motocross likes.


· Top properties: Made of tough materials resistant to heat.

· Accurate engineering: Crafted carefully to go with the model of your bike.

· User Friendly: It has all the equipment required for an easy installation.

See Clearly, Ride Confidently with Oakley Motocross Goggles

It is very important to have a good vision while driving. The Oakley motocross Goggles are the best for eye protection because they are very clear and comfortable.

Why Oakley Goggles Stand Out:

· Unmatched Clarity: The vision will be clear and sharp because of high-definition optics.

· Comfortable Fit: You will be snug and comfortable in the well thought-out ergonomic design.

· Durable Lenses: Lenses are long-lasting for protection against debris and UV rays.

· Anti-Fog Technology: It keeps your view clear even if it is snowing outside.

Key Features:

· Triple-Layer Face Foam: It wicks away sweat hence providing a cushioned fit.

· Wide Strap: Even when the rides are most intense, it keeps the goggles secure.

· Vented Lenses: It enhances airflow hence preventing fogging.

Grip the Track with Confidence: The Best Off Road Tyres

When it comes to tyres, one needs to be careful since these are the only parts of the bicycle that touch the soil.The best tyre is important for security reasons and pedestrian traffic.The toughest lands can be maneuvered with Pro Power MX’s selection of durable Off Road Tyres.

Benefits of Quality Off-Road Tyres:

· Superior Traction: Gives superior grip on several surfaces.

· Durability: Made to last the abuses of off-road riding.

· Stability: Improves bike stability and control.

· Versatility: Used on different terrains including mud, sand, and rocks.

Ready to Ride?

At Pro Power MX, our aim is to offer motocross parts and equipment of superior quality which will keep your motorbike performing at its best. Wishing to transform the appearance of your bike by purchasing a new plastics kit? You may require a Pro Circuit Exhaust to increase its speed. Do you have vision problems while on a motorcycle? Buy Oakley goggles from us. Are your off-road tires the best one to have to grip well? Our company has them all. Come visit and prepare for your next tour!

Oakley Motocross Goggles: Clarity and Comfort on Every Ride

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