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Open Google Map

First of all open Google Map. And for this the Internet data of your mobile should be on.


Now go to the option of the menu above and click on the option of Satellite.

Add A Missing Place

After that click on Add A Missing Place. Now you have to enter 3 things in it.

Name – In this, write the name of the place which you want to add. such as the name of your shop, home or office

Address – Click on Mark Location On Map to enter the address.

Category – Now select the category. If you are entering the address of the house, then select Home. If you are entering the address of the shop, then what type is the shop like – Hotel, Restaurant, Clothing Shop, select it.
Address Details

Now click on Add Phone, Hours, Website and Photo below. In this, you can set the time of your shop, mobile number and if the shop has a website, then you can also add it. And the photo of the shop can also be put on Google Map.

Next Option

After adding all the details, click on the option of Next above. So now your home, shop address has been added to Google Map. In this way you can add your address to Google Map.
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