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1: Pass class X

The first thing you have to do to become a computer operator is that you have to first pass your class 10th. Here let us tell you that it is not mandatory that you become a computer operator only after passing class 10th. You will get a chance, even if you are the eighth pass, you can do a course to become a computer operator from a private institute, because the course it takes is very common and any person can easily complete its course in 3 to 6 months. I can learn.

2: Take computer operator course

To become a computer operator after class VIII or after passing class X, you have to do computer operator course, in which you have to do course of MS Office, Powerpoint, Excel, Billing, Data Entry, CorelDraw etc. All these courses are very easy.

3: Apply for the job

After doing computer operator course, you have to apply for the post of computer operator in private institute. If they consider you eligible to become a computer operator then they will definitely give you a job. Apart from this, to become a computer operator in the government sector, whenever the vacancy of the post of computer operator is taken out by the government, then you have to apply in it and if you get selected in it, then you become a computer operator in the government sector. Huh.
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