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Download App

First of all you have to download the app named Veemee Avatar. And you can also download it directly from the given link.

Login App

Now you have to login to Veemee Avatar App. You can also use Facebook account to login. And you can also use Google Account.

Select 3D Avatar

After login, to make 3D animation video, you have to select any of the 3D Avatar given below. Select whatever you want to select.

Select Background

After selecting 3D Avatar, now the background of the animation has to be selected. You have 2 options to select the background.

Customize Animated Character

You can also customize the animated character from the option made near the image.

You can increase or decrease the size of your 3D animation. And it can be done far or near.

Emotion of 3D animation can also be set. Like – Happy, Romantic, Angry, Action, Normal Etc.

Add Sound

Now you have to add sound, then your video will be ready. And you can save it. You get 2 options to add sound.

Record Sound – With this option you can record sound by pressing the Recording Button.

Add Sound – If you have already recorded any sound. Or if you want to set a song in your animation video, then you can set any song from your phone.
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