July 07th, 2024

How to create PPT in Smartphone

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
how to make ppt in mobile

You can create PPT in your mobile by following the steps given below.

1: To create PPT in mobile, open power point presentation application. After opening the application, you have to create your account on it with your mobile number and email id.

2: After creating the account, this application will ask for some permission from you, it has to be allowed.

3: After allowing permission, on the next page you will see an option with Accept and Send Optional Data, you have to click on it.

4: After this the dashboard for creating PPT will open on the screen of your smartphone, in which you will see a plus icon at the top right corner, you have to click on it.

5: After this, on the screen of your smartphone, you will see an option called Create in. You have to click on it and then click on the drop down button and click on the option with This Device.

6: After doing this, you have to select the template shown at the bottom in the power point application. You will see different types of templates below, whichever one you like, you have to like that template.

7: After setting the template, you will see a 1 plus icon at the bottom to add a new slide, you have to click on that icon. Clicking on that icon will start adding new slides to your project.

8: After this, click on the place where you want to type and start typing. You can select the bold option shown below to make the word written in your typing bold. Apart from this, you can also change the font size, italic or underline.

9: After this, if you want to add an image to your presentation, then you will see the image option at the bottom. You have to click on it. By doing this you will go to the gallery of your smartphone, from there you have to select the photo that you want to put in the presentation. On clicking the photo, the photo will be automatically added to the presentation. If you want, you can also make the photo smaller or bigger or you can also rotate it.

10: When your PPT presentation is completely ready in your smartphone, then to save the power point presentation created by you, you have to click on the 3dot option shown at the top.

11: By doing this a popup will open on the screen of your smartphone, in which you will see the option of save. You have to click on that option.

12: After this, you will see many options on the next page, out of which you have to turn off the option with Autosave and click on the Save option shown below.

13: After this you will see 4 options to save the created PPT on your screen. In this, the first option will be OneDrive i.e. save it in the email account with which you have logged into the PPT application, the second option will be This Device i.e. to save it in the device in which you are creating the PPT, the third will be Add Place and the fourth option There will be Google Drive and More, you can choose any option from this. After selecting the option, the PPT will be saved in your smartphone.
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