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Go to the Settings menu of your Jio Phone.

Scroll down to Personalization option and click on 'Sound'.

Now click on 'Tones'.

Now the second option is to select 'Ringtone'.

In that you will get System Ringtones i.e. ringtone already in the phone, from which you can choose one by listening.

To keep the downloaded ringtone, go back and select the last option Manage Tones.

In that select the second option 'My Ringtones'. And click on Add in it.

All the music files on your phone will be shown. From that you can choose any ringtone of your choice.

There is another way by which you can set ringtone in your Jio phone. For this, open the Music Player of your phone. Play the tune you want to set as ringtone. Now click on the Options tab of that song. You have to click on the option of 'Set as Ringtone' which will set the ringtone.
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