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Follow This steps:

1.Log in to Google Search Console
2. Now click on Crawl then click on Sitemap
3. Now enter the sitemap and click on submit

In this way you can submit Sitemap for your blog or website.
6 months ago   1
Easy Way to find Out Sitemap

1) go to Plugin section Left side in the Wordpress Platfrom
2) Add new Plugin - Yoast SEO
3) Activate That Plugin
4) Go to SEO Settings
5) beside the Dashboard You Find Feature Tab click on that
6) Scroll Down You see XML Sitemap . Click on ? sign you will see " See the XML Sitemap" click on that
7) New page open copy That Page Link
8) And submit that link on Search engine or where you want to submit it
Done !!
5 months ago   2
it's so "Rank Math" SEO plugin and under "sitemap setting" section you got your sitemap
5 months ago   0

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