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Cloud computing is a technology through which you are able to use services like software, data storage, data processing online.
The most important thing about cloud computing is that you do not need any special hardware, software to use their service and they are also economical.

This is the reason that nowadays many businesses are getting attracted towards Cloud Computing, due to which they do not need their own servers, other infrastructure for data storage, software, networking etc. and staff to manage them etc., which saves money. Is.

Not only business but cloud computing has also made many tasks of a common internet user easy, like if we want to store data, we used to need some hardware storage and space for that but now we are using Google Drive like Using a cloud based service, you can store data online and access it from anywhere.

There are many online software and applications available on the Internet that provide cloud-based services, their specialty is that through the Internet, you can access them from anywhere, from any device.
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