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First of all, let us tell you that 'Internet' is the only means to do digital marketing. We can do digital marketing through different websites on the Internet itself. We are going to tell you about some of its types –

(i) Search Engine Optimization or SEO

It is a technical medium that places your website on the top of the search engine results, which increases the number of visitors. For this, we have to make our website according to keywords and SEO guidelines.

(ii) Social Media

Social media is made up of many websites – such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Through social media, a person can put his thoughts in front of thousands of people. You are well aware of social media. When we visit this site, we see advertisements on it at some interval, this is an effective and effective means of advertising.

(iii) Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is the delivery of its products by any company through e-mail. Email marketing is necessary for every company in every way because any company gives new offers and discounts on time to the customers, for which email marketing is an easy way.

(iv) YouTube Channel

Social media is such a medium in which the producer has to deliver his products directly to the people. People can also express their reaction on this. This is the medium where there is a crowd of many people or just say that a large number of users/viewers live on YouTube. It is an accessible and popular medium to show your product in front of the people by making a video.

(v) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the remuneration received by advertising products through a website, blog or link. Under this, you create your link and put your product on that link. When a customer buys your product by clicking on that link, you get paid on it.

(vi) Pay Per Click Advertising or PPC Marketing

The advertisement that you have to pay to see is called Pay Per Click Advertisement. As its name suggests, money is deducted as soon as you click on it. This is for all types of advertisements. These advertisements keep coming in between. If someone sees these advertisements, then money is deducted. This is also a type of digital marketing.

(vii) Apps Marketing

Apps marketing is the process of creating different apps on the Internet, reaching people and promoting your product on it. This is a very good way of digital marketing. Nowadays a large number of people are using smart phones. Big companies make their own apps and deliver the apps to the people.
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