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1. Makes your content more informative

It tells the search engines and users about the valuable pages of your website. Internal linking makes your post more informative for the users and it also helps the visitor to move from one page to another.

2. Helps in better Crawl and Index

When your blog is new, search engines do not index your website or blog as quickly. That's why internal linking is very important. Internal linking provides a better crawling and indexing experience for search engines like Google.

3. Increases Old Post Rank and Pageviews

Internal links pass link juice to your old posts, which improves ranking. Also increases the pageviews of your old posts.

4. Reduces Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is an important aspect of SEO. Your site's bounce rate increases if visitors come to your post and exit immediately. It affects your website SEO and search engine ranking.

For better SEO, bounce rate is very important and internal linking is the best way to reduce bounce rate. It helps to keep the visitor on the website for a long time.
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