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Expired domains are now a days used more by SEO experts as they provide more values. More value because the google cache may still have cached content, and those content can be used to drive more traffic by adding redirections from that pages to your site pages with relevant content.
Also they will Have DA, PA maintained for some time before it is dropped . broken links can be helpful for getting instant traffic.
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What if I want to rebuilt a money site out of that expired domain?
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Rituraj Pramanik yes but you need to find a domain with relevant niche before using. You can use other niche domain, but that will not help.
With different niches you will get search engine benefits but not traffic as people will not find relevant content and will lead to more bounce rate in long run.
With similar niche and topic, you will get additional benefit as you can get traffic with reduced bounce rate.

Take example like if you use expired domain with PPC articles, you will get benefit. But if you use movies site, it will get less benefit as search engines can redirect but people will not like that because of different content.
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Now Sir tell me one thing. Which one actually works Expiring one or the deleted ones? As expiring ones tends to have their dates intact whereas dropped domains starts with a new date.
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Rituraj Pramanik its all about using existing data, expired domains have more chance of links to be in cache and people searching. Whereas deleted domain may or may not have cache, and people also may not be searching for that domain.
So, if deleted domain have data please check.
You can use this tool to find cached data

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If you buy domain keeping in mind the domain age, da, pa, then you can easily grow any new website or blog. Most of the big companies grow their website through this in a very short time.

If you buy a domain with a good authority, then you can get a very good result by writing 50 or 100 articles in it. If you create a website or blog with a new domain, then it will take you a lot of time to grow it.

If you have a lot of sites and you want to rank them, then you can use the expired domain in PBN.

Mostly it is used by many SEO experts. They add the link of the site they want to rank in their private blog network. This gives dofollow backlink.

For this you have to buy a domain with high pagerank and domain authority. Only then people will want to buy backlinks from you. However, it is a bit difficult to get such domains but sometimes they can be found. If you keep checking regularly, then you will also get such domains.
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