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EAT is very important mainly for the ranking of YMYL (Your Money Your Life) type website. Before proceeding, let us know what type of website is called YMYL website.

• What is YMYL Website?

YMYL is a website where a suggestion is given to the user. The website that tells the information related to the life and money of the user, that type of website comes under YMYL. Like Health, Finance, Insurance, e-commerce.

Now know which website will have the biggest impact of EAT.

1: Health, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition

If you write a blog on Health, then your ranking will improve only when your blog follows the EAT guideline. Because health is a very sensitive topic. If you provide wrong information about health, then people's life may be in danger. To write a blog on topics like Fitness, Diet, Nutrition, you have to follow Google EAT.

2: Finance, Insurance, Investment

Finance, Insurance, Investment type websites are such websites where people are suggested where to invest their money. Therefore, giving wrong information in this type of website can drown people's money. Therefore, to rank this type of website, the parameter of Google EAT has to be followed.

3: e-commerce website

In the e-commerce website, the user has to fill his personal details like Account Details, Credit Card, Debit Card Details etc. There is a possibility of fraud with the user in this type of website. The e-commerce website also comes under YMYL.

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