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Memory cards work on flash memory and they are used to store any of your data, they are completely different from other media storage and they do not require any power to keep any data with them. Is

If you want to use a memory card, then first of all your electronic device like mobile phone or digital camera will have to read your card, today many computers have memory card slot, you can easily insert your memory card in it and If your system does not have memory card slot then you can buy USB from market so that your system will be able to read your card easily and you can save any data from your system to your memory card

If you talk about the data store in the memory card, then your data is stored through electronic series called NAND Chips, these chips allow you to write any of your data to your card or store the data, The chips that are installed in these cards cannot go from one place to another, their job is only to transfer your data fast.
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