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Incognito Mode or Privacy Mode is known by different names on every browser like- Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. So before using it in your computer, laptop or mobile, make sure that you are using browser.

If you are using Google Chrome in your device, then let us tell you that Google Chrome is one of the most popular and most used search engine. This mode has been named Incognito Mode by Google Chrome itself. This mode feature has been introduced by Google 4.4 from 11 December 2008.

To use Incognito Mode in Google Chrome, follow these steps:

#1 To do “Incognito Mode On” on Chrome in computer, first of all open Google Chrome.

#2: After this click on the three dots given on the top right corner and click on “New Incognito Window”, this turns on the Privacy Mode.

#3: Apart from this, incognito mode can also be turned on by “Ctrl+Shift+N” with the help of Key Board.

As soon as Incognito Mode is activated on your device, you will see 'you've gone incognito' written on the screen, which means (You've Gone Incognito Meaning In Hindi) “Any of your Browsing History, Cookies and Site Data or the information you enter is not saved on your device. This means that your activity is not visible in the history of your Chrome browser.
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