July 07th, 2024

How to avoid phone heating problem?

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
1. You must have seen the option of background data in your mobile phone, with the help of this you can ban the background data of your phone. So that the apps running in the background cannot use the data, then you can stop the phone heat in this way.

2. Keep the brightness of your mobile low, so that the battery of your phone will not drain quickly and the phone will not heat up.

3. If you use your phone in the sun, it will heat it more, because the heat is transferred very quickly in the electronic device, so try not to use the phone in the sun.

4. If you play games in your phone for a long time, then many parts of the phone like RAM, graphics card, processor have to work at a very high speed, due to which the phone heats up, so the game does not last long. Must play

5. If your phone is heating up, then you should restart it and take out the battery from the phone for some time, which will bring the phone temperature to normal.
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