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Use Keywords in Your URLs

It is very important to put keywords in the URL. Therefore, definitely use your main keyword in the URL. Also try to put it at the beginning of the URL. But keep one thing in mind, do not repeat your keyword in the URL, it will be called keyword stuffing. Google doesn't like it at all.

Use Dash (-) for Words Separately

This is very important according to search engine optimization and user readability. Use Dash (-) for word spacing in your URLs. Never use an underscore (_). Because words separated by underscore are considered as one word only.

Keep Your URL Short

Keep your URL as short as possible. Also it should be descriptive. Short URLs are easier to read and write. If too many words are similar in the URL, then it will be considered as keyword stuffing and may cause your ranking to fall.

You can use 4 to 5 words for your URL. If you do more than this, your URL will not appear completely in the search results.

Limit the number of folders/category in your URL

An SEO Friendly URL should not contain an unnecessary folder. So use the required folder and category in your URL.
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