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Hi Deepti, as a blogger user I have learned a lot of things from the last two years. I am sharing this with you. And using these tactics I have driven almost 80000 traffic per month to my jonakaxaom blog .

1.Write article with on-page SEO
2.Create an attractive title for the post.
3.Produce high-quality content
4.Write Content That Is Both Evergreen and Trending
5.Post updates about your content on social media.
6.Invite people to write guest posts for you.
8.Read other people's blogs and websites and provide advice.
8.Create a decent menu and sub-menu that is easily accessible.
9.Write articles on a regular basis
10.create backlinks into your blog.

Hope u like it.

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Himangshu Kalita Thanks for the respone!
Most of the things I am doing created backlinks also. But how to create thousands of backlinks with best practices that draw traffic to my blog?
I have read having a blog on is one reason for low traffic, is that true?
26 days ago   2
Hey, Deepti Gupta, you asked to create thousands of backlinks with best practices that draw traffic to my blog?

Okay, let me tell you first you need not create 1000 backlinks in a day. Or no need to buy the so call backlink packages.

You can create one backlink per day from the various authority sites. ( for 5 - 6 months if your blog is a new one)

A simple bonus point is that - the Indibloghub admin doesn't worry about the backlink generation because it Is one of the best bloggers directory in India. If somebody write an article about the blogger directory in India definitely he should mention this site. ( the will be the best authority backlink )

So focus on your blog niche write the good article then people will give u an authority backlink and Google will love you more.

than you
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Hi Deepthi,
The basics for drawing traffic to your blog (be it blogger, WordPress, or any other) remains the same.
Work on the on-page and Off-page SEO of your blog and see the traffic come-in.
Not just writing, promote your blog as well...
27 days ago   2
Thanks for your responses, it was of great help!
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