July 07th, 2024

How to edit blogger profile

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
Step: #1

First of all go to Blogger.com and sign in with Google account. You have to sign in with the same Google account. The account from which you created your blog.

Step: #2

After signing in, Blogger Dashboard will open in front of you. From here you go a little down in the left corner and click on Settings.

Step: #3

Now Blogger Settings will be expanded in front of you. From here you have to click on User Settings.

Step: #4

User Settings has been opened in front of you. Here you will find two options in the User Profile under General. Out of these, click on the Edit button made under the previous Blogger.

Step: #5

Now a new page will open in front of you to edit the profile. From this, you can make the following different settings.

1. Privacy

Share my profile: If you want to share your profile on your blog, then keep it checked. Otherwise uncheck it.

Show my email address: If you change your email address
If you want to show in your profile, then get it checked. If you do not want to show more then leave it unchecked.

show my blogs: By this option you can also show your other blogs in profile.

Show sites I follow: If you follow any other blog and want to show them in your profile, then you should keep it checked. If you do not want to show it, then uncheck it.

2. Identity

Username: Your username will appear here. which is necessary.

Email address: Here you can write the email through which readers will contact you.

Display name: Write the name you want to show in the profile here.

3. Profile Photo

From your computer: If you have photos available in your computer then you can set it for profile by this option.

From the web: And if you do not have profile photo saved in the computer, then you can also write its URL.

Audio URL: If you want to give any audio message to your readers in the profile, then write its URL in this box.

4. General

Gender: Determine your gender by this option.

Homepage URL: If you want to show a particular homepage for the blog, then write its URL here.

Wishlist URL: Here you can tell about the item you like for your purchase.

IM username: If you use any Instang Messaging Service, then you can write its address here.

5. Location

City/Town: Write the name of the city or town where you live here.

Region/State: Write the name of the state in which your city comes in this box.

Country: And select your country name from here.

6. Work

Industry: If you do any work other than blogging, then choose its area from here.

Occupation: Tell about the work you do in this box.

7. Additional Information

Interests: Here you can tell about your Hobbies.

Introduction: You write your small introduction in this box.

Favorite movies: If you like to watch movies then write their names in this box.

Favorite music: Write the names of your favorite songs, albums in this box.

Favorite books: Write the names of your favorite books in this box.

Random question: In this box, questions are asked by blogger, you can write their answer.

Step: #6

When you fill all the information. After that save it by clicking on the button Save Profile made below. Your profile will be updated.
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