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1. If you want to get information about the IP address of another person, then first you have to create a link that can track the IP address of the user and get the public IP address of the user, To get the IP address, you have to go to a website whose name is IPLogger, you can search it on Google.

2. Now you have to enter the name of any one website and create its short link, you can use the link of Google image or you can use the link of any social networking website.

3. You have to go to the home page of the IPlogger website, there you can enter the link of any website, after that you have to click on shorten, after that your link will be created, you can copy it from there.

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4. Now whoever you want to know the IP address, share this link to him, it will have to be sent as a message so that he can click this, you can send it through WhatsApp, Facebook, Email.

5. As soon as the user clicks on that link, you will know its IP address. To see the address, you have to go to the IPlogger website, you have to enter the same link there and save the URL you have in the viewing statistics. You have to click on Logged IP, after that you have to refresh the page, in this way you will get the IP address of the user.
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