July 07th, 2024

How to Learn java Script?

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
Most people say that JavaScript is very difficult to learn, this is also true to some extent. But if you do not rush to learn it, rather try to understand it first. So you will not have any problem in learning it, some instructions are being given below which will help you to learn JavaScript.

1: Essential tools to learn JavaScript

• Code editor - The first and most important tool is the code editor in which you can use Notepad++ or Atom. This is absolutely free tool.

• Web browser - You all must have a browser on your PC or laptop because with the help of this we will be able to access the web pages created. Better if you use Chrome, Mozilla or Firefox. Remember, definitely update the latest version of your browser.

• Firebug tool – This is a web browser extension with the help of which you can do live debugging of HTML, CSS, DOM, XHR and JavaScript of any web page or website. If you use Firefox then you simply have to install it from google and if you use chrome browser then it is already available in it.

To use it in Chrome, you have to right click with the mouse. After which you will see an option of inspect, as soon as you click on it, the complete coding of the current page will appear in front of you.

2: Resources for learning JavaScript

To learn this programming language, you should know some resources from where you can easily start learning JavaScript. You can also use many paid resources to learn this. But I will tell you about some such online website which is absolutely free and you are given complete guide of JavaScript on them.

Below are the names of five such websites, from where you can easily learn JavaScript:

• W3Schools
• Tutorial point
• Codeacademy
•• JavaScript.info
• Freecodecamp

Apart from this, you can also learn JavaScript through YouTube videos.
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