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Onion juice is very beneficial for long hair. Massage your hair with onion juice for 10 minutes and leave it on your hair for half an hour. After that wash the hair with a good shampoo.

Curd and egg nourish the hair and make hair long and shiny. Take 2 eggs and mix 2 tablespoons of curd in it. Now apply it on the hair and leave it for 1 hour. Now wash your hair with lukewarm water and try this remedy once a week.

Amla is also one of the most useful home remedies to lengthen hair, wash your hair with gooseberry juice. Amla strengthens the hair from the root. Its use reduces hair fall and makes it thicker.

Aloe vera has many benefits, it is very beneficial for hair as well as skin. Massage with aloe vera gel twice a week.

Soak a bowl of rice in 3 bowls of water for 15-20 minutes. Now wash your hair by massaging your hair with rice water for 5 minutes.

Lightly lukewarm olive oil and massage your scalp with a light hand, and leave it for 1-2 hours, if you want, you can apply the oil before sleeping at night, and wash the hair with a good herbal shampoo in the morning. Take it

Take a healthy diet, take plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals to keep hair healthy.

Stay stress free: If you want to keep your hair healthy, then stay stress free, for this you should get enough sleep, do yoga and do meditation.
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