July 07th, 2024

How to optimise crawl budget?

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Akshat Gupta
3 years ago Selected
1 – Use Robots.txt File

Disallow all non-working URLs in your website through Robots.txt File. Due to this, important webpages of your website will be crawled and crawl budget will not be used in unnecessary webpage crawling.

2 – Update Sitemap

Whatever fresh webpage you publish, it must be updated in your sitemap. Therefore, whenever you publish a webpage, check the sitemap once.

3 – Reduce Redirection

If you have redirected many URLs to any other URL in your website, then many additional requests also increase and Crawler has problem in crawling the website. Due to which the problem of Crawl Budget arises. Therefore, you should not create such a large amount of webpages that need to be redirected.

4 – Create Backlink from High Quality and Relevance Website

Whenever you create a backlink, always make it from a high quality website, this increases the trust of Google on your website.

5 - Maintain Server Performance

What happens very often is that when the crawlers come to crawl your website, they get a 5XX error due to a server error, due to which your website is not crawled.
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