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Anchor ads will have to be disabled from at the top by modifying AdSense Auto Ads, after that it will start showing in the bottom.

For this, you have to add this parameter overlays: {bottom: true} in the code of AdSense Auto Ads. Something a bit like this,

In this way you have to include the highlighted parameter in the auto ads code. And if you are not using this auto ads then your new auto ads code will have to be replaced in this old auto ads code.

You have to replace this code with the above mentioned code.

Note: - Do not forget to replace your publisher ID.

Let us tell you that according to the experiments done by Google, anchor ads have to perform better than displaying them in the top of the user's screen. That is why there is a possibility that showing your anchor ads from top to bottom may decrease your AdSense earning. But do not worry, it will not affect the performance of other ad units.
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