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delete useless data

You should check the data of your mobile and delete the useless data, which makes the mobile easy to process. When we open any website or apps, then its cache files and cookies are stored in the internal storage of the mobile, due to which the mobile hangs, to delete it follow this step setting > storage >cache

stop unnecessary apps

If there are many apps in your mobile, which you do not use, then you can delete or stop them, because these apps keep running in the background and use RAM, due to which the phone starts hanging. | You can stop the apps through these steps, Settings > Application > Select app > Force Stop

move internal apps to sd card

Whenever you install an app, it is saved in the internal storage, due to which the internal storage of the mobile becomes full slowly and it starts hanging, you can move all these apps to SD card. , which will free up space, for this you can use any third party apps from Google Play Store.

delete big apps

Even if there is less storage and less RAM in the mobile phone, many people install heavy mobile apps or games, due to which the mobile hangs, in such a situation you should delete the heavy apps.
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