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It is a very easy task to update Windows driver in any computer or laptop. You can update Windows driver in your computer through Driver Booster software. But keep in mind that internet should be on while updating driver in computer or laptop.

So let's know how to update Windows driver in computer:

1. First of all download Driver Booster software on your PC or Laptop.

2. After downloading the software, install it on the computer.

3. Now open the Driver Booster software, then it will automatically scan the driver of your computer.

4. After scanning the driver, this app will show you all the outdated drivers of your computer.

5. Tick mark the driver you want to update and then click on Update. After that the Windows driver will be downloaded and installed automatically.

6. After all the drivers are updated, restart your computer or laptop. In this way you can easily update windows driver in your computer.

Note: - If you want, you can update all the drivers together, for this you can select all the drivers and click on update all.
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