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1: To increase Instagram likes from this application, first you have to go to Google Play Store and in the above search box you have to write Like4Like – Free Likes. After that you have to press the search button. After that this application will come on your screen Install it by pressing the install button.

2: After this you have to open this application and create your account.

3: After creating the account, you have to login with your Instagram ID.

4: When you are logged in, you will be recommended some photos inside this application.

5: You have to like those photos, when you like the photo you will get Heart.

6: You have to collect those hard ones. 7: After this, when you have to like on your photo, then you convert those hearts into likes.

7: The simple concept of this application is that the more likes you do to other people's photos, the more likes you will get on your own photo.

8: You will also see the option of a like everything in this like increasing application. When you turn it on, then you will not need to like any photos that come on Instagram after that. All the photos that appear in your profile will be liked automatically.
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