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Log in to your WordPress blog then click on Post >> Add new post.

Now a page will open to write the post, in which many options are visible. Let us tell about all these options.

• WordPress Button: This is the WordPress logo link, clicking on which shows all the features of WordPress and also you can see all your posts.

• Plus (+) Button: By clicking on this you can add Heading, Paragraphs, Images to your post.

• Pencil icon: By clicking on it, you can select a block in the post content.

• Arrow Buttons: This is the Undo Button, if an element is accidentally deleted while writing the post, then you can bring it back by clicking on this button.

• i Button: By clicking on this option you can check character, word, heading, paragraph in the post.

• Save draft: By clicking on this, you can save your incomplete article.

• Preview: After writing the post, you can see your post by clicking on the Preview button.

• Publish: After writing the post completely, you can make the post live for the visitor by clicking on the publish button.

• Settings: You can hide or unhide WordPress Sidebar by clicking on it.

• Categories: After writing the post, you select a category for your post.
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