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1: shared hosting

In this hosting, many websites are connected to one server. Suppose you are buying share hosting from some company, and any of your friends have also bought share hosting from the same company, then only one server will be given for you and his website. Similarly, many websites are connected on the same server.

2: dedicated hosting

In dedicated hosting, the entire server is ours. Everything in this control is in our hands.

Like our phone's internet data remains. Which only we can use, if we do not give Wi-Fi connection to anyone. The same goes for dedicated hosting. In this, the company from which we buy hosting gives us the entire server.

3: virtual private server hosting

The full name of VPS hosting is Virtual Private Server. In VPS hosting, a server is divided into several parts, and each website has a fixed location. It is a virtual dedicated server. Meaning that the space which we have got in this hosting, no other can use that space.

4: cloud hosting

In Cloud Hosting, the storage of our website is connected to other servers. Due to which the chances of our website going down are negligible. You will find most of the blogs in cloud hosting only. Cloud hosting is the hosting that makes a copy of the data of our website to different location servers.

5: managed wordpress hosting

In Word Press Hosting, the hosting company manages our website completely. Like technical work in hosting, maintaining website speed, backing up our website etc. In return, we have to pay extra to the hosting company.

6: reseller hosting

Reseller Hosting is the hosting in which we buy hosting from a hosting company and can host our client's website in that hosting. This hosting is bought to take profit.
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