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The name of the service of Google available to translate words, sentences, web pages and documents of one language into another language is – Google Translate

Gal Translate is an Online Language Translator Tool that was created by the Google company in the year 2004 AD, but it came completely among the people in 2006, which is fully capable of translating any one language into another.

When Google's Co-Founder Sergey Brin was disappointed during a translation program, the first idea was to create Google Translator Tool in 2004 AD, from then until 2006 AD, it was completely ready and shared among the people. had come.

A total of 105 languages ​​have been added to Google Translate, with the help of which you can translate one language to another, apart from this it also works for Dictionary (Dictionary), you can translate any word into another language. And can extract its meaning. Today's young students are using Google Translate tool to a large extent for their studies.
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