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Slow Speed: VPN can reduce your internet speed because it encrypts the data and the data traffic passes through the VPN server by following a long route. Although this does not happen in all VPN services, so you must do a speed test while taking a VPN.

Consumes more data: As we mentioned that encryption is used to secure your data and to protect it from unwanted surveillance, due to which data is consumed more.

VPN is not guaranteed to protect against viruses and malware: If you visit a wrong website or download any file, then it is not necessary that your VPN will protect you from viruses. Although now some VPN services provide security features but may have to pay extra charge for that.

Disadvantages of Free VPN or Wrong VPN: Wrong VPN providers can become a threat to your privacy. They can sell your data. You should also avoid free VPN services because they do not take much care of your privacy and security.

Premium VPN charges more: If you want a good VPN service that has all the necessary features and if the data limit is high, then you may have to pay more for it.
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