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Akshat Gupta Selected

Akshat Gupta

1 year ago
The world's first computer virus was found on (ARPANET) Used to infect computers and give the message that "I am a creeper, catch me if you can" Creeper was developed by Robert Thomas, engineer of BBN Technology.

"ELK Cloner" in 1982. There came a computer virus named "ELK Cloner" which was developed by Richard Skrenta, who had previously infected the Apple 3.3 (Apple DOC) operating system through Floppy Disk "ELK Cloner." The first was an antivirus which was first tracked, this virus was prepared as a joke, which was put in Floppy, this virus appeared as a game, which became active after using 50 times. Used to infect, a small poem appeared in it “ElK Cloner. The Program With a Personality" In The Wild was the first Boot Sector Virus