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Your site is pretty good with a proper menu navigation and decent loading time. DA is 15 which i guess is you need to work on. I can't see much of good backlinks to your website.

Also its a multi niche blog. You can target some good keywords with low volume to drive traffic or exchange backlinks from good domains for a good content.
3 months ago   0
Thanks very much .
Can you tell me more to improve DA.
And for dofollow baclinks?
3 months ago   1
Trickyard DA improves when you work on good backlinks. Here is a complete guide for you:
3 months ago   2
Thanks very much its pretty helpful.
Also any one can help about my site speed .
Do i need to change hosting or on which thing i have to focus.
3 months ago   1
Trickyard Site speed is fine for now. Focus on driving more traffic and quality backlinks. You have enough content but u need to rank it as well...
3 months ago   0
Excellent website, one issue, get a professional logo
3 months ago   1

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