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This is always a major reason. Along with the purchase price of the printer, the cost of printer, toner, cartridge, paper, maintenance etc. must also be considered. Some printers, such as laser printers, have a short lifespan. The cost of a good printer is very high. Inkjet printers are cheap nowadays whereas laser printers are more expensive.


Suppose a typist is to type a document on a word processor. He has to work continuously without stopping. This maintains the speed and gets the work done on time. Similarly, you should also take a printer that gives good speed and prints quickly. A printer's speed is normally shown in pages per minute (ppm). In general, printers that print faster are more expensive. But if you print on a large scale, then you will need more speed.

print quality

Customer friendly letters and other documents require good print quality. Sometimes the document gets printed in such a way where there is a problem in reading the letters. Therefore, you will need a printer that can produce good quality prints.

Printer resolution is expressed as dpi (dots per inch). The higher the number, the higher the resolution.

graphics print capability

Using a laser printer, high quality graphics such as any marks, diagrams, charts and even photographs can be easily printed. Dot-matrix printers can produce low quality graphics. Daisy wheel printers can only print text.
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